Advanced Funeral Planning

Why Plan in Advance?

We plan for every aspect of life—-having a family, vacations, weddings and retirement. We prepare for what may be—-fires, accidents, floods. Why then do we avoid making important funeral decisions in advance? 

We encourage clients to take the time to plan their funeral services in advance, so that when that day comes, your family can focus on supporting one another. People who preplan their funeral arrangements give their families the gift of Peace of Mind. Advanced planning spares your loved ones from having to face decisions that can be both emotionally and financially difficult at the time of death. 

A carefully preplanned service can be the most comforting to your family— It can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. You can choose the type of service you desire, casket, music, memorial folders, etc. or simply record the information that will be needed for legal forms and other paperwork. Preplanning a funeral will allow you to control costs and avoid emotional overspending by surviving family members. Although not required, most people choose to set aside funds that will cover their future funeral expenses. We offer a variety of prepayment programs to fit your budget.

How Do I Prearrange?

Our trained and licensed staff are available to assist you with planning your funeral arrangements in advance—-there is no cost or obligation. All of the ceremony, burial, or cremation arrangements can be made at one time, in one of our locations or in the comfort of your own home. Once your pre-arrangements are made and on file, when the time of need arises, a call to our funeral home will enable us to proceed with what was planned.

Key Reasons to Plan Your Funeral In Advance:

  • Relieve surviving family members of the emotional burden associated with making funeral arrangement decisions.
  • Assures that your personal preferences will be carried out as planned.
  • Guarantees future funeral costs at today’s prices, protecting your family against inflation.
  • Allows you to control costs and avoid emotional overspending. By prepaying your funeral expenses, it relieves surviving family members of the burden associated with final funeral expenses.
  • Offers the opportunity to pay for funeral expenses in installments.

Does our Funeral Home Accept Prearranged Services from Other Establishments?

Yes. — It is not uncommon for us to accept prearranged services from other establishments. The reasons vary; from relocation to dissatisfaction with another firm. There should be absolutely no problems in making the change if they are coming from a reputable funeral home.

For further information about advanced planning, simply give us a call, 573.346.2090 or complete and return the on-line advanced planning form.