Our Mission Statement

Caring for Families

"Caring for families from all walks of life is our story."

Our mission is to build upon the time-honored tradition of loyalty and trust established by Walter and Norma Hedges.

We are committed to the community we live and work in and strive to provide a place of trust and compassion to turn to in time of need.

A life well lived should not be forgotten

Did you know...

That you can create a More Personalized Funeral?

It is becoming increasingly more common for a Funeral or Memorial Service to be a reflection of the life lived by the deceased. Remembrances and prayers offered by family and friends, picture boards, treasured belongings and favorite music can all play a major role in making this final tribute, an important part of an expressive service. Please refer to our “Creating Meaningful Funerals” section under the General Info tab for more information on this subject.