Cremation Service Options available at Hedges - Scott Funeral Home

Many families today are choosing cremation. Hedges Scott Funeral Home owns and operates their own private, on-premise crematories, ensuring you the highest standards of care and accountability. Being an actual crematory operator and serving more cremation families every year than all other area funeral homes, we know all there is to know about cremation. We are a family owned business. We live here and work here. We care about the services we provide because this community is our home where our friends and neighbors also live and work. 

What is Cremation?
Cremation is the process of reducing the human body to bone particles and ash through the application of direct flame and intense heat. 

Can We Still Have a Service With Cremation?
Yes. In some ways you actually have more options and flexibility when it comes to service offerings. Everything is available—from the traditional funeral ceremony followed by cremation and then burial, to a memorial service after the cremation has occurred. 

Is Embalming Required?
No, unless the family has chosen a funeral service which includes a public viewing. This would include families who have selected cremation services who desire a viewing after 24 hours from the time of death. 

What is a Cremation Society?

A Cremation Society is a membership that charges a fee to belong. In return a member is allowed to be cremated. Most often these are facilities that ‘mass produce’ cremations on a daily basis with the deceased remains being transported to and from the crematory from all over a larger geographical area. Recently we have seen these operations using slick marketing strategies including videos using paid actors which happen to appear on hundreds of other websites. We find this process to be increasingly ‘impersonal and distant’ which leads us to ask— Who is taking care of your loved one? Where is the crematory located? Where can the family meet together? And so on go the questions. 

For more detailed information on these and other services offered, our staff is available for your assistance by calling,  573.346.2090, or feel free to complete our contact us form.