Charesa "Charlie" McCracken-Elliott

Obituary of Charesa "Charlie" Lynette Shannon Maria LeAnn McCracken-Elliott

“Loved you once, love you still.
Always have, always will.”

Today we celebrate the life and love of Charesa (Charlie) Elliott.   Charesa impacted everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her.  She was full of life and love.  Everyone admired her strength and compassion for others.  She never passed up the chance to forgive and offer second chances.  She went out of her way to love deeply and made everyone feel unique and special.  She constantly gave up her time to love on others and did so happily.  Her favorite place to be was outdoors with her favorite people.  She loved adventure and would take anyone willing along with her.  She always chose fun and laughter, and her response to every invitation was, “let’s do it.”  She was everyone’s strong shoulder and loving hug.  It was easy to love her and everyone did. 

She took on her role as mother with passion.  She loved her children with all her being.  Her children were her favorite people, and they sure knew it.  She often joked about loving coffee more, but the jokes just warmed our hearts.  We could only smile, knowing her love for them ran deep.  She taught them to love life and to live.  She taught them to be strong and respectful.  She taught them passion and independence.  They will carry her legacy with them, and it will continue to raise them up.  She’ll meet them in the nearest coffee shop, and they’ll smile because they’ll know she’s proud.          

She is a beloved mother, daughter, sister, niece, and friend.  Although in the trusted hands of God, she’ll surly be missed.  Her nephew, Kaden, said it best, “When I get to heaven, the first thing I’ll do is run to find you.”       

Charesa Lynette Shannon Maria LeAnn McCracken-Elliott was born February 7th, 1987 in Houston, Missouri to Karen Watts and Robert McCracken.  She earned an Associate Degree in Applied Science but followed her passion to become a talented photographer.  She is loved and survived by her son Colten Sullivan, daughter Caitlyn Sullivan, and daughter Sophie Elliott.  She is survived by her mother Karen Besaw; her siblings Justin McCracken, Cynthia Crouch, Joshoa McCracken, Jessica Hine, Cori Wilson, and Jason McCracken; and many other friends and family.

A Celebration of Love and Life will be held on Saturday, December 1, 2018 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the YMCA, 950 Airport Road, Osage Beach, Missouri.

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